Plant-based alternative for cheese

Hard block cheese as a snack, sliced on a sandwich or melted on a pizza. Are you a cheese lover? There is no reason not to love cheese. More people choose a plant-based diet, so that means product developers are seeking for options to serve a growing market of plant-based cheese alternatives.

Cheese is known as a high protein product, therefore you must replace the protein that’s normally from dairy with a plant-based protein. Our Tendra® Fava Bean Protein Isolate is highly suitable to create a cheese-like texture and mouthfeel that closely resembles dairy cheese.


  • Grates and melts like dairy cheese
  • Neutral taste, savoury flavour profile
  • Contains over 6% protein
  • Tendra contriubutes to smooth texture and firm consistency

Tendra® fava bean protein isolate

Fava is globally cultivated, GMO free, produced with limited water-use and efficient nitrogen fixation. Fava also has a very low CO2-footprint. This contributes to Cosun strategy and related sustainability goals and enables us to produce locally and climate friendly. More info