Plant-based alternative for fermented cream cheese

A fresh and neutral taste, perfectly spreadable and a rich creamy texture. Our team developed a plant-based alternative for fermented cream cheese with our Tendra® Fava Bean Protein Isolate that has the same characteristics as dairy-based cream cheese but with all the plant-based benefits.

With our recipe you don’t need additional starches or stabilizers to create a typical creamy texture. And because of its bake stability it is even possible to create a delicious vegan cheesecake.


  • Very smooth & creamy texture
  • Neutral tangy taste
  • Glossy appearance
  • Contains over 5% protein
  • Bake stable

Tendra® fava bean protein isolate

Fava is globally cultivated, GMO free, produced with limited water-use and efficient nitrogen fixation. Fava also has a very low CO2-footprint. This contributes to Cosun strategy and related sustainability goals and enables us to produce locally and climate friendly. More info