Plant-based mayonnaise

The way to make a sandwich extra yummy? Mayonnaise! Add some extra taste to a salad? Mayonnaise! And even French fries taste better with mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is one of the most popular sauces. One of the main ingredients of mayonnaise is egg yolk, which makes it creamy.
Our goal was to make a plant-based mayonnaise that is as soft as animal-based mayonnaise. And we succeed. Our Tendra® Fava Bean Protein is a perfect alternative for animal-based proteins because it creates a perfect emulsion and adds a nice creaminess. Try it yourself? Feel free to request our recipe.


  • Smooth texture & glossy surface
  • Tendra® can emulsify oil at neutral and acidic pH

Tendra® fava bean protein isolate

Fava is globally cultivated, GMO free, produced with limited water-use and efficient nitrogen fixation. Fava also has a very low CO2-footprint. This contributes to Cosun strategy and related sustainability goals and enables us to produce locally and climate friendly. More info