Bridge2Food course

Bridge2Food is a food networking company that specializes in organizing international conferences, summits, and seminars. Their events bring together key players in the food and beverage industry, including manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, distributors, and researchers.

Cosun Protein at Bridge2Food Course Europe and America

You can find us at Bridge2Food 2023 courses in Europe and America:

Bridge2Food course Europe 22-23 March 2023 – Wageningen, The Netherlands

Bride2Food course America 18-19 October 2023 – Chicago, USA

At the Bridge2Food course Cosun Protein will give a presentation and host a workshop. In the presentation we’ll tell you everything about the benefits of the fava bean. And in the workshop we’ll introduce you to our own fava bean protein: Tendra®. Our team will tell you more about the properties of our Tendra® Fava Bean Protein Isolate. This part is more interactive, so there’s also time to taste applications with Tendra® and ask all you questions about our plant-based protein. A perfect moment to boost your knowledge about fava bean protein!

Overall, Bridge2Food courses can be a valuable resource for anyone working in the food industry who wants to stay ahead of the curve and enhance their professional capabilities. The courses are interactive and engaging, with plenty of opportunities for discussion and networking with other professionals.