Let's consider: plant-based alternatives for milk as a substitute for animal milk

Who doesn’t love a glass of cold milk, cornflakes with milk for breakfast or a cappuccino with a perfect layer of foam on top. Milk is known as a rich source of protein and became such an ordinary beverage in our daily life. That’s why we can’t just skip milk, but we need to seek for alternatives.

Plant-based milk alternatives market size

Plant-based drinks have become increasingly popular in the recent years. The global market size for plant-based milk alternatives is expected to grow to $123.1 B by 2030.[1]  Whether it's because you are lactose intolerant, you prefer to choose a sustainable option, for ethical reasons or just because you think it tastes better. More and more people choose plant-based options to replace animal milk.

The fava bean is our hero

There are a lot of plant-based milk alternatives on the market: legume-based, cereal-based, nut-based, and seed-based. One of the newest and most exciting developments in legume-based milk alternatives is plant-based milk alternative with protein from fava beans. Fava beans are a nitrogen-fixing crop, that means that they can capture atmospheric nitrogen and transfer it into the soil. They have a small water footprint and the flowers attract bees and other pollinators.

Tendra® as a functional protein for plant-based milk alternatives

With our proprietary extraction technology and unique purification process we succeed to make a fava bean protein that’s an excellent replacement for animal proteins. Our Tendra® Fava Bean protein Isolate is highly suitable to use as an ingredient for plant-based drinks. A game-changing ingredient because of its excellent emulsification and solubility properties.

Tendra® Fava Bean Protein Isolate benefits:

  • Mild and neutral taste
  • Highly stable in solution
  • High in solubility
  • Excellent emulsification properties

Try it yourself? We are more than happy to share our recipe. Please send us a request → info@cosunprotein.com


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