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Consumers want sustainably sourced, nutritious ingredients. Above all though, they want products that taste great. On all these points, Cosun Protein’s Tendra® delivers. This functional, taste-neutral protein, sourced from fava beans cultivated in Europe, is perfect for creating dairy-alternative and animal-free products that meet today’s consumer demands. Our plant-based protein also offers excellent functional properties. Discover how we can help you to stand out from the crowd!

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Mild and neutral taste

Ask any consumer and they’ll tell you – taste is their number one priority. This is where Tendra® can make all the difference. Through our proprietary extraction technology and purification process, we deliver a flavor- and aroma-neutral plant protein that is ideal for great-tasting animal-free and dairy-alternative products.

Easily dissolvable

Tendra® overcomes another common plant protein formulation challenge – poor solubility. In contrast, Tendra® dissolves easily, and remains stably dispersed in solutions. The end result is a smooth dairy-alternative product, without any of the graininess that can be associated with plant proteins.

Excellent emulsification properties

Another challenge has been achieving good levels of emulsification with plant proteins. Tendra® delivers excellent emulsifying and foaming functionalities – essential in creating tasty and attractive animal-free and dairy-alternative products. This functionality can be achieved even at low concentrations, while increasing the dosage will not affect functionality or taste.


Consumers want clean label ingredients that are sustainably sourced. Tendra® comes from GMO-free fava beans, grown right here in Europe in an environmentally-friendly manner. The fava bean is also a hugely efficient nitrogen fixer, naturally enriching the soil and providing food and energy for the next crop of plants.


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