At Cosun Protein, we are committed to delivering ingredients that are good for the planet, are healthy, and taste great. We think that these values are in line with what today’s consumers are looking for. More and more people are choosing to follow a plant-based diet, but still want products that meet their expectations in terms of taste and texture. 

Our Tendra® product was developed specifically to meet these demands. We believe that products that are healthy, sustainable and ethical - but which do not sacrifice flavor – have the best chance of success on the supermarket shelf. 

Tendra® is a protein isolate, sourced from the fava bean. The crops used to produce Tendra® are cultivated in Europe, are GMO free, and grown in a climate-friendly way with limited water use. Fava bean plants are also powerful nitrogen fixers - once they have flowered and produced beans, they release nitrogen back into the soil. This makes them the ideal crop for sustainable ingredient production. 

On the formulation side, fava bean protein delivers a neutral taste, as well as numerous functional benefits such as high solubility and excellent emulsification and foaming properties. All this makes  Tendra® the perfect ingredient to create healthy and sustainable animal-free and dairy alternatives, every bit as good as animal-based products like cheeses, yoghurt, ice cream, sauces and milk. 

At every stage, from sourcing fava beans through to advising customers, we are passionate about making a positive difference. Get in touch with us to find out more!

“Our mission is to contribute to the protein transition with high quality protein ingredients.”

meet Team

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Sales Manager

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Senior Production Technologist

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Sales Manager

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Application Specialist

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Marketing Communication Specialist

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Sampling & Application Officer

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Quality Specialist

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Management Assistant

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Business Development Manager

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Application Manager

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Michiel Pronk

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Process Technologist

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Chief Financial Officer

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Strategic Advisor

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Application Specialist

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Sales Manager

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Technical Sales Specialist

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Sourcing Manager

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Chief Operating Officer

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Application Specialist